Pick your scent for calming

I noticed something by accident yesterday that I think might help people during this stressful time. In my case, I bought a lotion bar some time ago that smells like roses – one of my favorite scents. I have seasonal allergies, so I’d laid a tissue on top of the lotion bar and when I went to use it I smelled roses. I was amazed at how the scent helped calm me and actually made me feel better.

Having two boys with ASD, I know that they have preferred scents, so yesterday afternoon I asked them what their calming scent was and got an instantaneous reply. For one it’s lavender and the other it’s orange. I keep a cabinet full of essential oils that I use on a regular basis, so I have them covered.

It made me wonder though if others might benefit from this informal “aromatherapy” as well. So here’s an idea. If you have something around whose scent you like, check it and see if it’s calming to you in this time of acute stress. Lavender is well known for being calming, though when I first started using essential oils I didn’t care much for the scent. Orange and lemon are uplifting and might be good options. The tree oils like pine, cedar and sandalwood are grounding, so they might be great choices as well.

I’m using my oils to make hand cream (since everyone is washing their hands so much) for each person with their scent in it. Use yours however you like, in a diffuser, room spray, adding to unscented soap or lotion, or what have you. Couldn’t hurt, right?

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