My cat is attracted to water

Just to get this out of the way, this is not my first cat. I’ve had three others myself and know many other people with cats, so I’m not uninformed about cat behavior. It’s pretty universal that cats prefer the faucet to any other water source (including the specially-designed cat fountain I shelled out for). I’ve even had a cat who’d sit on the edge of the tub while I was taking a bath and swat at the water I’d flick at him. There was one oddball, Lyle. He was by best friend’s cat and he’d join you in the shower, but I think he was brain damaged because he’d also sit so close to the fireplace he’d melt his whiskers off.

Cole though, is definitely not brain damaged. He’s a perfectly normal kitten (cat in two weeks) who’s attracted to water. Even poor Lyle would only poke his head in once in a while and sit at the far end of the tub. Cole is different. We have a shower-only setup in our master bath and he doesn’t just poke his head in. He comes all the way in and will even circuit the outside of the shower before leaving. I swear he’s just working up the courage to stand under the falling water because he’s getting bolder all the time.

As soon as I shut off the water and grab my towel, there he is. He likes to walk around the wet floor, take the odd lick and even sit down in the water pooled on the shower floor. I never thought I’d have to worry about my cat leaving wet footprints on my rug, but he does. And just when I got my teenager to stop doing it too. ;>)

I wish we had a drain cover that you could fasten down, but we don’t, and he’s always in there pawing the drain cover off so he can drink the water underneath. Gross, right? I shoo him away whenever I see him attempt it, but I know he does it when my back’s turned because I’ll come into the bathroom and the drain cover’s slid aside.

Cats are odd creatures, I’m well aware of this. But an otherwise normal cat attracted to water? Blows my mind.

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