What do you do when you feel “blech”?

I don’t know about everyone else, but I have days where I just feel blech. Like today for instance. There’s no one thing I can put my finger on. I’m a little headachy, a little nauseous, a bit achy all over – you know, blech. And it doesn’t help that I can’t just curl up in bed with a good book. We have parent-teacher conferences to go to tonight. I don’t know when I’ll have dinner, I don’t know when I’ll be back home and I feel blech.

I’ve spent a lot of time functioning when I feel blech, but the hardest thing is how to respond when someone says “how are you?” Do I lie and say “fine” because that’s what you’re supposed to say? Do I pick a specific reason I don’t feel well and complain about it? Or do I go to the trouble of explaining what I mean by feeling blech? Most people don’t want that much information. Then again, I’m always frustrated by the “how are you?” question anyway. I try not to lie and say “fine.” I figure if they want to ask me such a ridiculous question they deserve the answer they get.

The most common answer I give to this stupid question is “hanging in there” which isn’t a lie, I am managing to hang in there, but isn’t telling much of the truth either. I’m one of those people who’s almost never feeling “fine” if I were telling the truth. On an average day I have one thing that’s giving me specific trouble that I can identify, like “my hands hurt.” On a bad day, I try to pick one because most people don’t want to hear that I’m in pain all over the place and wish it were time to go to bed already. (Not that that’s necessarily a good thing either since I usually feel like I’ve been rolled down the side of a mountain when I wake up, but the asleep part is nice.)

But for now, it’s time to go to parent-teacher conferences despite feeling blech. Story of my life.

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